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John Shuki Lau Architect ©


Location: Burlington, Ontario

Size: 304 048 square feet

Completion: 2011

Alton Village is a mid-rise residential project for the development of an entire city block in Burlington. The uniquely designed façade features a playful use of colour which produces a fine contrast to the surrounding green space. The homes are consisted of 8 townhouse blocks and 2 apartment buildings. Each townhouse suite ranges from 1300 sq ft to 1650 sq ft and each apartment unit ranges from 595 sq ft to 1215 sq ft.

There is parking on the surface and underground level. In addition, some of the amenities include meeting rooms, an entertainment space, and a gym. Residents can gather and enjoy the magnificent setting of the centralized courtyard and playground. Surrounding residences are pleased by the urban layout and architecture.

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